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Hi, I'm Jennifer Priest, content marketing expert who specializes in Pinterest. Get started by downloading my free Pinterest Roadmap that shares my frame work for exploding organic traffic.

We see a world where the experience of the internet is deeply improved so more people are solving their problems with brands that align with them.

All my strategies are battle tested and proven through personal experience and maximize full potential of existing and new assets!


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SMART Pin Pro™ is the one resource + community you need for Pinterest. Learn how to create a Pinterest strategy that evolves with your business and the algorithms to bring you dependable traffic year after year.

For 7+ figure businesses with a marketing team looking to scale organic Pinterest traffic and conversions to the next level. Packages start at $5,000 investment.

What People Say

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"Jennifer is one of the few actual experts in Pinterest marketing as far as I'm concerned ... her approach is data-backed and gets results! Tailwind has trusted Jennifer's expertise in helping develop new products and improve existing tools to better serve our business clients - she has finger on the pulse of what's working on Pinterest and what marketers need to get results"

Alisa Meredith

Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind and Pinterest Marketing Expert

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"We brought Jennifer into our program to teach Pinterest marketing to our members. Integrity and results are super important to my community and she's the Pinterest marketer I trust. Our members LOVED her session! She's not reiterating the same strategies that so many of us have heard over and over again — she truly brings a fresh perspective to Pinterest! By the end, all of our members were excited to start leveraging the platform (or get back to it) because they were so inspired by Jennifer and her genius insights!"

Courtney Foster-Donahue

Online Marketing Expert and Creator of Pocket Products™

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“Jennifer is a talented designer/crafter with uncommon business smarts. Few artists understand and know how to leverage social media, make industry connections and just plain know how to make a business work. Few business people have her creativity and ingenuity.”

Sharon Fain

Public Relations and Marketing Professor at Loyola Marymount University

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Hey, I'm Jennifer...

I work with brands, bloggers, and online business owners who embrace creativity and want to stand out from the crowd. From craft product manufacturers whose products are sold in the big box stores to online course creators to DIY bloggers to licensing artists, I’ve worked with them all.

Each business has different challenges as some sell their products B2B, some sell online only from their own site, others sell on platforms like Amazon and Etsy, some are bloggers who earn money from web traffic and don’t sell products, and yet others sell their products in-person from a craft fair table.

The common thread is that each of these businesses wants to have an online presence that makes them stand out, makes their product sell, and brings results. That’s where I come in.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, but you’re in the right place. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, start with this FREE step-by-step video training to get your account set up. Then, grab my free Roadmap and follow the steps to start creating a Pinterest strategy

Pinterest helps people discover new ideas. If your business has an online presence, then you can use Pinterest to send their audience to your site. That said, some businesses will find getting traffic from Pinterest easier than others. Check out this article I wrote to help you figure out what’s possible on Pinterest for your business:

No. Pinterest’s mission and purpose are different than other platforms. A search engine and social platform, Pinterest aims to be the positive place on the internet. People come to Pinterest to find new ideas. Your posts on Pinterest (“pins”) need to address the Pinterest users’ (“pinners”) intent to find inspiring solutions to their problems. Pinners come to Pinterest for ideas; not news or updates about their friends.
Both. Google and Pinterest are search engines, both helping people find what they’re looking for on the internet. Why optimize for only one platform when you could be tapping into the users of BOTH? User experience is key for both Pinterest and Google. Work on SEO for both platforms to give your business the best opportunity to show in searches by the audience you most want.
Yes, Pinterest can work for your business if you have a place online to share content like informational posts or videos that you can send customers to as part of a converting sales funnel. Pinners are conditioned to expect information after they click. Blogs are a great way to deliver that information and warm them up to become customers. But they aren’t the ONLY way.

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