How to Generate Massive Traffic With Pinterest

SMART Pin Pro is our signature membership program to support online businesses to develop a robust Pinterest strategy customized to their goals using our proprietary framework.

What You'll Learn...

Pinterest strategies are not cookie cutter.

Copying someone else’s strategy, which most programs teach, will give you some results for a short time.

To get the best results, the strategy must be customized to the specific business, goals, and target audience.

Rather than teach a static Pinterest “strategy” that expires, in SMART Pin Pro we share a repeatable framework for developing a Pinterest traffic strategy.

Members learn how to run inputs through the framework, such as how Pinterest works today, business goals, and resources, to develop a strategy unique to each business.

How it works: 3 phases


Understand Pinterest to set a stage for making strategy decisions


Build a foundation strategy and start getting traffic


Analyze data and refine the strategy to scale results

what the membership includes

What SMART Pin Pro Members Say

"Best Investment I've Made for my Blog"

Meredith Wouters

I’ve been in the Smart Pin Pro course for almost a year and I’ve more than doubled my traffic from Pinterest!

I thought my Pinterest traffic was pretty healthy before this, as I’ve been an avid user for about 9 years, but this course has helped me get serious about how I approach Pinterest. As with any social platform, Pinterest is always making changes to its algorithm, but now I feel equipped to evaluate their changes and make educated decisions about how to adjust my strategies.

The Smart Pin Pro membership group has been so helpful, and I love working with Jennifer and the team at Smart Pin Pro.

The increased revenue on my blog, as a direct result of increased traffic from Pinterest, has more than paid for the course, several times over. I wish every investment I make for my blog could pay off this quickly!

The thing that sets this course apart from every other one I’ve looked at is the strategy. Jennifer has taught me how to think critically and evaluate my own Pinterest strategy, not just follow a bunch of tactics and hacks that may not work next month. I’ve learned *how* to think, not just *what* to think about Pinterest. And not only Pinterest, but I’ve been able to apply some of the same critical thinking approaches to other aspects of my business too!

Thank you Jennifer!!! You are a fantastic teacher; the BEST I’ve had yet. I took what I learned in Smart Pin Pro (and admittedly, I am still taking time to deep dive and learn more) and in about a week’s time I got my client’s traffic to go from about 43K impressions to about 87K. YEP–all of that in about 7 days! It was not a viral pin or anything out of the ordinary in terms of pins just pinning content the way you teach. THANK YOU!!

"Smart Pin Pro = SUCCESS"

Meagan Justus

I never have to worry!

Kristy Caudill

When changes happen with Pinterest I know I can sleep at night thanks to Smart Pin Pro. Jen’s course is always updated, her Facebook group is full of support, and she keeps us up-to-date with recent changes. I’ve come across other courses that still give out information that is out-dated. I never have that worry with Jen. I’ll be a member of Jen’s course as long as it’s open because that’s how amazing she is.

Jennifer really does go the extra mile to help you get the results you need. By taking her course I have learned so much, and I’m picking up new things all the time. My pins are getting 3 times the number of impressions and twice the number of clicks from just a month ago and I know its only going to get better

"My results are getting better all the time "

Kelly Thomas

I'm Finally Making Money!

Rita Harder

SMART Pin Pro has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my online business. After years of struggling, I’m excited to be able to say ~ I’m finally making money!!

Jennifer’s course not only taught me valuable insight into Pinterest, but her SMART method of analysis is helping in all different aspects of my online business.

SMART Pin Pro taught me how to observe key analytics wisely and be strategic with my time and focus. It is practical, educational, encouraging, and very professionally done.

Jennifer’s teaching style is authentic and open – modelling how a successful business can be done and leading the way.

If you are struggling with trying to juggle all the aspects of your online business, I highly recommend SMART Pin Pro. You will not only learn how to better utilize the Pinterest platform, you will learn how to take the same concepts into every corner of your business.

I am a seasoned blogger and I thought I knew everything about Pinterest. But my referrals and traffic were slipping and I couldn’t figure it out.

The concepts I learned in SMART Pin Pro have helped me get that traffic back, more than I had before, and keep it there.

I love that Jennifer keeps the info up to date and keeps us informed of the changes Pinterest is making in real time. With everything going on at Pinterest in the last year my traffic is still holding strong because the practices that she teaches work! I have a method in place that I learned in SMART Pin Pro and am still using it to keep my Pinterest game strong!

"This is how I up'd my Pinterest game"

Sarah Vanderkooy

"I had no idea what I had been missing out on in Pinterest!"

Joan Hawley

I didn’t realize how little I knew about Pinterest or how to utilize it until SMART Pin Pro.

Now Pinterest drives 50% of my website traffic. My presence on Pinterest reflects my company and speaks to my customers there.

I learned how to edit and shape my Pinterest presence, how to present info on my website so it’s Pinterest-friendly, and it changed how I do business. I had been missing out on capturing customers on Pinterest and SMART Pin Pro has increased my bottom line.

Analytics were just not my thing…. my Pinterest numbers were rather dismal and I hated looking at them because people weren’t discovering my content.

That is until I joined SMART Pin Pro! Now, I look forward to seeing those numbers because they continue to climb steadily… even during the slower summer months when everyone else is saying their numbers have tanked.

My Pinterest Saves, and more importantly, click through to my website are still increasing and now I’m getting a cheque EVERY month from my ad provider – that’s a twelve-fold increase on the one cheque a year I got in the previous two years! SMART Pin Pro is worth every cent. And Jennifer’s ongoing support and constantly updated content ensure that you’re on top of all the best practices and what is working at the time.

"Analytics were not my thing ... now I get a CHEQUE every month!"

Myléne Hillam

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