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Hi! I’m Jennifer. 

Now I drive millions of pageviews to my site, social media content, and sponsor sites every year. Sponsors solicit me to feature their products and pay my high asking-fee. My ad revenue has been high enough to buy a car some months and my affiliate revenue has more than tripled.

And I spend less time blogging and more time living my life than ever before!

I will never forget how it felt to have a site with ZERO traffic.

Since that incredible day in 2016 when everything changed, I’ve developed a complete system for driving MASSIVE TRAFFIC from Pinterest and it’s available to you NOW for a limited time only.

My program, SMART Pin Pro™, leads you through every single step of my proven approach to developing a Pinterest strategy, increasing your traffic, and managing it all in just a few hours a month with confidence and ease.

See, it wasn’t the tactics I used in 2016 that were the secret … it was the PROCESS. And I’ve spent the last 6+ years refining this process into an easy to follow system to get 100s of customers and clients like you massive results on Pinterest. NOW. Today.

And it’s only in SMART Pin Pro.

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