Save time and energy by using these proven Pinterest design templates!

Pin Design Vault

With over 1000 pin templates in Canva to help you create 100s of fresh pins including Video and Idea pins in various dimensions. Plus training on how to customize pin templates to perform in search and our set of 24+ pages of best pin design elements to help you create mockups, calls to action, call-outs, and more to make your pins stand out against the competition.


These are the same templates I’ve personally used to create hundreds of thousands of page views and earn tens of thousands in ad and affiliate revenue! And these are the same templates I use now to promote my sponsored posts that are earning me top dollar with some of the most sought-after sponsors in my industry!

Plus, Pinterest strategists, social media managers, and other business owners are using these templates to speed up the design process and create fresh pins quickly to help them show up consistently on Pinterest and grab their share of organic traffic from over 480 million Pinterest users.

Other programs that offer templates make you wait each month to get just a handful of templates … or their templates all look the same, just with different colors and fonts.

Our templates are all available to you NOW. Instead of waiting 3 years and spending $3000 to get templates from a “membership” you can get instant access to the variety of designs you need TODAY.

And with so many different design styles across multiple industries, you’ll be able to find templates no one else in your niche is using. Plus, use the training to customize the templates even more so they perform to their fullest for YOUR business.

Did you know Pinterest can MATCH templates?! Yes, their AI is great at the matching game!

Our training helps you AVOID the mistakes most people make with pin templates. Don’t let Pinterest match your templates to other people selling the same thing or worse, using the same templates for totally unrelated topics, creating confusion for your ideal audience! No ONE ELSE teaches this … and you can have instant access right now.

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