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Learn the proven strategies to use Pinterest with SEO to your advantage! We know people are using Pinterest to find new ideas and products yet you’re not getting traffic. What gives?! In this Workshop I’ll show you how to build an Organic Revenue Machine™ to help GROW your traffic without any ADS or spammy tactics! Plus, I’ll share how to get MORE from the traffic you already have …

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"Jennifer focused in on my specific needs.

I learned an immense amount of pertinent information ...

... and was amazed by the results I immediately started to see.

I feel empowered."
Heather Vander Wey
Blogger and Owner at
The Fed Up Foodie
"Seriously the best "virtual jump start kick in the keister in the right direction" that I needed.

I still hear her in my head as her suggestions made sense and stuck with me to become best practices."
Lisa Shaw
Designer, Online Retailer, Brand Ambassador
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The SMARtest Way for You to Get MORE Traffic!

A few years ago, I was in the same spot you might find yourself in now: frustrated with my traffic.

I had been in business and blogging for years … I mean, I should just KNOW how to do this stuff, right?! I was following all the Pinterest experts and nothing they said to do was getting the results I wanted. I tripled my followers in just a couple of months but my traffic stayed the same.

That’s when I dug deep to develop a strategy that actually works to get traffic for YEARS. It all starts with a solid foundation. I’m sharing my real-world tactics that I know work because they are backed up and validated with data and numbers.

Learning to pin for the long-term has helped change my business, increase revenue, grow my email list, and open doors to new opportunities. I want the same for you!

Pinterest has changed so much in these last few years and even months. It can be challenging to navigate and see how it all fits together to benefit your business. What do you do if you HAD Pinterest traffic … and now it seems like it’s gone forever? It might seem like Pinterest is “pay-for-play” … are ads the only way?

And what about AI “taking our jobs” and Google changes?

That’s why I developed this “Win with Organic” Traffic Workshop, updated with the newest Pinterest and SEO information to set you up for success today and for years to come! This is how I and hundreds of SMART Pin Pro members get FREE organic traffic to our sites with Pinterest … and you can too.

What You'll Discover in This WORKSHOP


Stop Wasting Time

… pinning things that help Pinterest but don’t help YOUR business. Stop writing new blog posts ALL THE TIME to “feed Google”. I’ll share how to publish content that BENEFITS your business


The Recipe

Copy my exact recipe for creating a winning Pinterest & SEO strategy to help your desired audience find YOU!


The Forgotten Key

Most businesses are focused on getting more traffic … but what about when that traffic gets to your site? I’ll show you how to turn new visitors into raving fans and keep the conversation going …


The Traffic Advantage

See how you can generate traffic with Pinterest & Google for the next few years WITHOUT being on Pinterest or blogging every day. And we’ll talk about how AI plays into it all.

What People Say

"my Pinterest just blew up, like suddenly!

The only thing I've done differently was watch a ton of Jennifer Priest's videos ...

I'm shaking right now!!
April Lynne
Simple Classic Life
"Jennifer genuinely cares about helping her students succeed ... the results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement! I highly recommend Jennifer Priest to anyone looking to take their social media strategies and systems to the next level!"
Kristen Mangus
Good Knit Kisses

The Workshop starts May 30, 2023

frequently asked questions

The Workshop will take place May 30, 2023 through June 3, 2023 LIVE on my YouTube Channel.

Yes, a workbook is included for our VIP Front-Row Access Ticket holders. Upgrade here to get the workbook.

Pinterest users, content creators, and publishers of all levels will walk away with new knowledge about how to get traffic with Pinterest and how to get MORE benefits from that traffic. If you have never used Pinterest before, this Workshop will help you go from ZERO to pinning your FIRST Pin with intention and a deep understanding of what to expect. Plus, you’ll learn how to measure performance, do research like a boss, set goals, and what to improve on your website to get even more traffic from Pinterest and other search engines like Google.

Yes, experienced Pinterest users will benefit from what I share in this training. Even if you have been on Pinterest and have been doing SEO for years, you’ll learn more in this Workshop that you can use TODAY to improve your results.

Due to the digital nature of this product and immediate availability, we do not offer refunds or cancellations. I am ready to support you in your learning and I know what I teach works. Please purchase only if you are sure you are ready to do the work.

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