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DAY #1

Why You Need a Lead Magnet


DAY #2

What Makes a Great Lead Magnet?


day #3

Free Tools to

Build Your List


day #4

Build Your List with Your Lead Magnet

Grow Your Email List … for FREE!

We’ve all heard the saying: “don’t build your house on rented land.” If you’ve experienced a dip in sales or website traffic because Facebook changed their algorithm, then you know how frustrating it is to have people sign up to follow you but they never see your posts. With an email list, you can send emails to EVERYONE who signs up! But how do you get people to sign up in the first place?

I started in email marketing in 2003. In those 15 years, a lot has changed. You can’t just put up a link to a form and expect people to sign up for your emails.  That’s when I started using lead magnets.

I’m sharing my real-world strategies that I know work because they are backed up and validated with data and numbers. After building multiple lead magnets that more than 5x my list in a few months, I learned the keys to growing my list in today’s environment.  You don’t need fancy tools and plugins! Growing my list has helped change my business, increase revenue, and open doors to new opportunities. I want the same for you! That’s why I developed this BUILD YOUR LIST Challenge:

What You’ll Discover in this 4-Part Challenge:


Stop Wasting Time

 … building a social media following that can disappear tomorrow. Build a list that YOU control! check-circle-o

The Recipe

Copy my exact recipe for creating professional looking lead magnets! check-circle-o

The Unknown Risk

Learn why you MUST use a service to deliver your newsletter … and how to get one for FREE! check-circle-o

The GDPR Issue

How to grow your list with a lead magnet and stay GDPR compliant, even without a website.

What Others Are Saying:


Kirsten Magnus 

Good Knit Kisses

Jennifer genuinely cares about helping her students succeed.

I highly recommend Jennifer Priest to anyone looking to take their social media strategies and systems to the next level!

Hannah Bartelt 

Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Walnut Hollow

Jennifer’s knowledge and experience with social and digital marketing has been incredibly helpful to our business.

Her drive to keep up with the evolving social media environment is appreciated and the time and effort she puts into her business is impressive! 

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